Monday, March 21, 2016

About ODM Scores

The Allister Index is relied upon by college coaches everywhere


OnDeck Measurements is the recognized national leader in softball athletic testing measurables used by the college softball coaching community. OnDeck Measurements or ODM is the official testing arm for OnDeck Softball the authority in fastpitch recruiting. The individual scores, along with the corresponding players Allister Index (AI) generated from the scores using a proprietary algorithm, has become the single most important objective statistical measurements in the area of recruiting.


A level I test is the highest protocol and returns an Athletic Index. The results of the ODM Level I test are put into a proprietary algorithm, and the resulting number is the players Athletic Index. This single number ranks that player against every player who has ever been tested. College coaches are looking for that Athletic Index number as they evaluate players in the recruiting process.

The results of these metrics have become an objective measurement that offers a clear snapshot of a player’s softball athletic abilities. College coaches across the country are using these measurements in a variety of ways as they zero in on the players they wish to recruit and offer scholarships to.

College Coaches and Scouts can log into their FastPitch Recruits account and see all detailed information including players profile data, individual rankings and more. All players can manage and promote their scores in their player portal.


  • This is the highest level of testing administered under the strictest of protocols only by ODM certified admins
  • This test will return an Athletic Index and rank the player nationally
  • The scores will be visible to all college coaches
  • Scores can be searched and compared to current college players by college scouts
  • Scores are visible on the player’s profile and can be managed in the player FPR portal
  • Scores are added to and the player is ranked on the national leaderboard
  • Players are ranked nationally by each individual test and as well by Athletic Index


The real end game for ODM and these metrics is in Player Development! These scores are a true objective benchmark a player can use to better their skills. We created the ODM Training Solutions to connect the players and trainers in this effort.

A level II test follows the same protocols as a Level I however it does not return an Athletic Index. This is the first step a player will take in the development process. Level II scores are added to and players are ranked on a regional board so players can see how they stack up against their peers.


Once a player gets their Level II scores, they can select an ODM certified trainer in their area. That trainer is able to enter their scores into the FPR player/trainer portal. Goals are then set for the player’s development. The trainer will Level III test the player each month. This data is visible only to the player and trainer. Once the player reaches their goal, they will re-test in a Level II to verify their performance gains. See a step guide on the process below.

Once the player feels their scores are at a "Recruitable" level, they will get Level I tested and ranked nationally. Their scores will now be available to all college coaches and the player will use those scores to promote themselves to colleges.
ODM Player Development System
  • The tests are administered and data entered only by a certified testing center
  • The tests are exactly the same as a Level I test
  • An Athletic Index is NOT returned in results
  • These scores are NOT made visible to college scouts nor can they be searched by college coaches
  • Scores are posted to regional boards so players can compare their results to their peers
  • Scores are visible in the players FPR player portal but are not shown on their profile
  • Once a player is confident that their scores are at a "Recruitable" level they will get Level I tested
  • The tests are administered and results added only by a certified trainer
  • No Index is returned
  • These results are visible only to the player and trainer
  • The test is given monthly until the player’s goal date
  • Players can see their performance gains or shortfalls each month
  • Trainers provide their players ODM specific weekly workouts
  • Players are trained the correct protocols for each test
It is very important that every competitive softball player in the country get her verified OnDeck Measurements and her Allister Index. These scores are posted to the player's Fastpitch Recruits athletic profile so that the player can promote herself and college scouts can access the scores.

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